6 perfect gifts for the coffee lovers in your life.

We’ve selected some items to make your coffee loving employees (or clients) as productive as can be… (And perhaps fuel their addiction. Whoops).

Coffee = life.

1. The trendy look  
 A mug that lights up? Hell yeah. Picture this: your logo lighting up every time you shake the mug. It is the perfect choice for a classy (but original) gift.  
2. The bamboo mug  
Old plastic mugs are out. Pretty bamboo mugs are in. Drink your coffee in (eco-responsible) style. 
3. 100% coffee  
If sustainable is your middle name, we propose this mug made from coffee beans and sugar cane. Enough to complete (or start) your collection of sustainable products. 

We’ve got the ‘ffee essentials.

 4. The milk frother  
Fresh, frothy foam atop your coffee is priceless, right? Which is why we present to you: a milk frother marked with your logo. No more tasteless, watery coffees –the best is yet to come! 
5. This classy glass 
This one is for your classy colleague. Made from a combination between glass and cork for an extra refined look, the cork offers better grip of the glass for those days when you’re constantly on-the-go. 
6. The high-tech mug:  
Finally, our bonus product is for those of you who are tired of your coffee cooling down before having the chance to even taste it. We’ve found the perfect mug that assembles with a heating support to place on your desk. No more cold coffees (unless that’s your thing, of course, then you might hate this product).  
Know someone that may love one of these? Or perhaps you’d like one for yourself? Let’s get in touch –and make it happen for you! 

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