10 branded must-haves for your car.

If you’re a gadget lover, this blog is for you. We spend lots of time in our car –think of it as an extension of your home. You might as well be comfortable in there. Here are our top 10 car must-haves to make your vehicle as cozy as possible.

Key basics.

1.The phone holder 
It’s the essential car accessory. Because you can’t live without your phone, can you? Instead of risking it by holding it, it’s better to have it hung up to keep an eye on it –without touching it!  
2. The charging kit 
Charging your phone is the car is as convenient as can be, which is why we offer this handy charging kit.  
3. The storage bag for the trunk 
Have you ever seen a tidy trunk? We haven’t. But we’ve finally found the item that will change your life (and the state of your trunk).  This is an ideal storage bag to keep in your trunk and store your belongings.

No more sounds of empty bottles banging in the trunk while you ride!  

You can’t miss out on these.

4. The waste pouch 
If you love to keep your space tidy, this one’s for you. Opt for this handy garbage pouch to avoid plastic bottles or tissues lying around. You can also reuse it. Not bad, right
5. Perfume 
We all enjoy a good smell in our car, so perfume is a must!  
6. The cleaning kit 
This cleaning kit is your cleanliness best friend. Whether it’s to wipe down your dashboard or to defrost your windshield during the winter, this cleaning kit is your best bet!  
7. An ice scraper 
Believe us, you’ll be delighted to have it in your car when you wake up on a snowy winter morning to a frosty windshield… Time efficient, and most importantly, safe!  

For rain or shine.

8) A parking disc 
Unless you prefer to pay a fine, it is better to have your parking disc with you to make your life easier (Psst.. It also serves as an ice scraper. Cool, right?). 
9) The Toolkit 
Even if it will probably remain stored in a corner of your trunk, better safe than sorry, and always have it on hand in case of an unexpected issue.  
10) The first aid kit 
Essential to your safety, this first aid kit will serve you in the unfortunate event of an accident. 

Did any of these catch your eye? Let’s chat and make it yours.

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