Top tips to creating an eco-friendly office.

The bottom line? There are dozens of ways to go sustainable –and most of them are easier than they seem. Here are our 3 tips to creating an eco-friendly office space.

Limit waste generation.

Single use plastic is over. And while we do try our best to limit our single use plastic waste, in the case that it does occur, the best course of action is to recycle it or dispose of it correctly.

Ways to limit your single use plastic waste and/or dispose of it are: 
– Provide reusable dishes (mugs, glasses, plates …)  
– Provide your employees with personalized water bottles to limit the use of plastic bottles – water dispenser as well.
– Promote office supplies made from recycled materials (e.g., recycled paper printer sheets, hygiene products, etc.)  
– Opposite of encourage unnecessary printing, and encourage double sided printing, and the use of scrap paper for notes or small print jobs.
Impose the sorting of waste! A simple gesture yet very important for the environment. 

Re-think your office decor.

Plant power: If you want to make your office (literally) greener, you cannot miss the plants! Whether it’s large plants or simple potted flowers, all plants are carbon traps that recover ambient CO2, cleaning the air around them.

Beyond the obvious benefits (oxygen!), plants help brighten atmosphere to your office. Who knows? Perhaps they might make your staff even more motivated: goodbye stress and hello productivity!  
And other decorations? If you really want to go all out, choose furniture made from sustainable materials: wooden desks, bamboo furniture, recyclable office accessories.

Also reveal your old school side by equipping yourself with second-hand furniture: vintage is cool!

Adopt (and teach) eco-responsible habits.

the If environmental protection is a topic that is close to your heart, then educate your employees on the best courses of action:  

– Encourage your staff to favour ecological modes of travel (public transport, bicycle, etc.) rather than their cars. You can even provide them with the appropriate biking safety gear.  
Manage energy responsibly: turn off lights, heating/air conditioning, electronic devices, etc.  
– Set achievable sustainability goals for you and your team –and reward (nature) them when they’re met: plant a tree or plan a staff neighbourhood clean-up.  

To make these gestures a habit, you can hang helpful explanatory posters throughout the office to raise awareness among your team.   
What did you think of our tips? At Kick And Rush, sustainable is our norm –which is why we can help.  
Looking to incorporate some eco-friendly items into your office? Or perhaps into your merchandising strategy?

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