4 items to elevate your lunch break.

We all know how precious lunch breaks are, so we selected these 4 items that will elevate your midday hour from good to perfect! (You can thank us later).

Put the old Tupperware aside.

Tired of dragging around your worn out, scratched Tupperware?
Make the switch to an eco-responsible lunch box with accessories of whether glass, steel or even bamboo, and equipped with compartments for the most specific of snack cravings. 

Forget about stealing your colleague’s spoon under the pretext that you’ve forgotten yours: cutlery will be provided with your brand-new lunchbox –Your teammates will be extra jealous.  

Get rid of the old mug (with the tacky quote on it). 

You know which ones we’re talking about, the life-less, white mugs, offered for Mother’s Day or given to you by your best friend.

Instead, we propose you switch to the green (and much more stylish) side with a new, branded mug.

Whether for small or large quantities, with or without a handle, for hot or cold drinks: we offer any type of mug you can dream of –for yourself and for your beloved staff! 

Single use plastic? No thanks.  

We can’t not talk about this: you need to ditch the single use plastic water bottles.

If anything, this is the perfect opportunity to enforce a new sustainable policy in your office –banning single use plastic bottles. Instead, we’ve got the perfect alternative: the Ocean Bottle.

Sleek, chic, socially and eco-conscious. You can also get it in different colours, enough to bring freshness to your very own desk. Or if you’re looking for other styles of bottles, we’ve got a variety of choices, for all sorts of tastes.  

Bonus: The lunch bag.

We’ve all found ourselves carrying our lunch in an old plastic bag (courtesy of the bottom of our closet). It’s time to upgrade to a more stylish alternative: The lunch bag, a mix between a tote bag and cooler, it is the perfect tote to keep your meal safe during your morning commute. 

And those are our top-notch suggestions for elevating your lunch hour–so you can truly make everyone at the office jealous. Are you ready to get yours?  

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