Everything you need to know: Our high-tech collection.

If you’re a fan of new technologies, keep reading! Here are the highlights of our latest high-tech collection. You can get them for yourself, your team, or for your most loyal customers.

On-the-go essentials.

1. These Wireless Headphones 
It’s the ultimate essential to create the perfect atmosphere, wherever you go. Or keep them on hand for those mandatory virtual team meetings –followed by a productive focus session fueled by your favorite tunes
2. Or these Wireless earbuds  
Or perhaps, you’re looking for a more discreet option; we also offer these wireless earbuds. We can just brand and personalize the outer case for you instead.  
3. The portable battery  
Avoid the moment of panic when your phone is at 1% and you so happen to be awaiting a call from an important client. Plug in your phone to this portable battery (it provides up to 3 full charges) and it’s smooth sailing from there, wherever you are!  

Trendy gadgets for the win.

4. This trusty UV disinfectant  
Now we’re talking new technology: whether you’re a bit manic or simply like to get rid of microbes on all surfaces, this gadget is for you. This UV disinfectant for smartphone can charge your phone and clean it at the same time thanks to its integrated UV LED lamps. Bonus? This item can also disinfect your keys, headphones or other small personal belongings. Considering what’s been going on for the past two years, it’s not a bad idea to have on your desk! 
5. The 3-in-1 charging cable  
Certainly, you must have a phone charger already. But do you have one that has three charging connections? Opt for this 3-in-1 charger cable that allows you to use only one cable for several electronic devices. Headphones, watch and phone, all charged up for an effective day at the office. 
6. The desk lamp  
Opt for a more modern look with this wireless desk lamp that will bring a chic touch to your desktop.   

And of course, the basics.

7. The Bluetooth speaker  
This Bluetooth speaker doubles as office décor, and as a vessel to broadcast your favorite tunes to boost your productivity.  Made from bamboo to offer a more eco-conscious option.  
8. The charging pad 
Ten times more convenient than a wired charger, you just have to place your phone on it to charge. A sleek and practical alternative!  
9. The mouse pad  
What’s an office without a mouse pad? This one is even more special because you can charge your phone thanks to its integrated charging station. A 2-in-1 tool!     
Did one of these catch your eye? Get in touch and we’ll make it a reality for you.  

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