Trend alert: XL Water bottles are in.

Tired of having to get up to fill your water bottle every 20 minutes? Problem solved –make way for XL format customisable water bottles. Their isothermal material allows you to carry the drink of your choice, always at the perfect temperature.

The A-Z of cool bottles.

A sweet bonus? You can customize your bottle with your logo, first name or nickname –and make your colleagues jealous.   
Want one for yourself? Check these XL bottles out here

1. The sleek sport bottle 

2. The insulated ‘Spring’ bottle 

3. The trusty ‘Thor’ bottle

4. The iconic ‘Dopper’ bottle in steel  

And some classics, too.

5. The classic HydroFlask 

6. The Sigg Traveler bottle 

7. The classic Klean Canteen wide bottle 

8. Bonus: The Klean Canteen thermos (if you’re more of a coffee lover) 

Warning: You might need an XL tote bag to go with your bottle.

Any of these catch your eye? Let’s make place your logo on one of these awesome bottles.

Ready to dive in?

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