10 corporate gifts your employees will love.

Whether it’s to thank your team for the work they’ve done or to simply please them, it’s a challenge to find gifts that truly blows them away. Which is why we’ve made a top 10 list of the best corporate gifts to delight your employees.

Reimagined basics.

1. Phone holder:  Convenient and useful, especially if you want to use and charge your phone at the same time!  Made of bamboo, this stand will give your office a streamlined, chic look. 
2. Multi-function pencil holder: Say goodbye to the super cheesy pencil pots that we’ve all seen and reviewed. This one is perfect for keeping your office on trend, eco-friendly, and most importantly, functional
3. Personalized bottle:  Carry your drink of choice in a nice bottle embossed with your name –so everyone knows it’s yours. We also offer a wide array of colours to satisfy everyone’s needs and tastes.  
4. Plant: Give your office a burst of color (and oxygen) with a plant of your choice. Well, yes, you also must make sure that the person to whom you offer it will take care of watering it, but regardless, it’s still a nice idea. Although a simple idea, plants can make for versatile gifts. Leave it to us, and we can add unique details such as branding the pot of the plant or branding the plant itself!   

Get in the flow.

5. Bamboo laptop stand: Perfect for organizing your desk to your heart’s desire (and especially avoiding the endless accumulation of junk). What’s best? This matches perfectly with the phone holder we mentioned earlier.  

6. Wireless headphones: this is the ultimate high-tech gadget that everyone needs, especially if it’s branded. It’s a cool gift for those that like to take hands-free phone calls (and mandatory virtual team meetings), all the while being able to reach their step count at the same time (need a smart watch too?). 
7. Speaker: A speaker can be your best ally by motivating you to work. In and out of the office, it’s the perfect accessory to create the right atmosphere, regardless of of where you are.  

Gift for every taste.

8. Cocktail set: If you want to come off as the super cool boss, why not offer this cocktail set? Perfect to encourage your employees to relax as much as they work. Appropriate for mock-tails, to more extravagant drinks.  
9. Lunchbox: Forget soggy, plastic wrapped sandwiches (that’s so 2009!), and instead opt for this lunchbox made from bamboo (with its cutlery included, of course). Practical, committed and ideal to keep your meal as fresh as it should be.   
10. Coffee-cup to go: Classic, but gold. A to-go coffee cup is perfect for strolling the streets, going from meeting to meeting, and feeling on top of the world by doing it. You can customize it with your company logo, or even your first name to make sure no one steals it from you. 
So? Have we given you some ideas? Reach out –coffee is on us (and a personalized mug guaranteed).  

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