3 tips to get into the (office) Holiday spirit.

A raggedy, ten-year-old tree is not enough to bring the Christmas spirit into your office. Which is why we give you 3 tips to get your staff in the Christmas mood this end of the year.

Decor is everything!

What would Christmas be without a jolly tree decorated with bright string lights? Give it your all if the budget allows it. Extra special ideas include:
– Branded Christmas tree ornaments 
– Branded wrapping paper for the gifts under the tree 
– Customized sweaters for the chilly season (to match the décor, of course!) 
The possibilities are endless, and any space is fair game! From walls, to ceilings, to windows, to chairs. Just picture it: your office feeling extra cozy for those end-of-the-year days right before your X-mas holiday.  

If you want to spoil your staff a bit extra, create personalized stockings to hang around the office, and fill those with snacks, goodies, and a handwritten note!   

A twist on the classic advent calendar.

We’re not talking about the traditional advent calendar filled with chocolates –but about a special one created just for your staff.

This is your chance to get creative. For example, get a different employee to open a different box every day.

Each box can be filled with various swag items, each one branded, so your staff can sport your company logo on their winter getaways.

EOY presents must be ready.

In an ideal world, you’ve been planning your end-of-year present for a while –the Holiday season is the perfect moment to make sure you’ve got them wrapped up and ready to go! This includes writing (or printing) any hand-written letters you want to include to thank your hard-working hires in the most beautiful time of the year. 
Regardless of your budget, you can always make the best out of the Holiday season.

If you need a hand picking out décor or choosing the very important end-of-the-year gift, get in touch with us!    

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