5 creative gift-boxes to welcome your newest hire.

Does the new year bring with it new employees? Here are 5 gift box ideas that will make the arrival of your new colleague more enjoyable than ever.

The gourmet box.

For those with a sweet tooth, you can offer a gift box with the perfect assortment of gourmet foods: whether salty, sweet, or a mix of both.

There’s no better way to welcome a newcomer than to offer them something to revive their taste buds during their first week of work.  

While you’re at it, make sure to include some local products in it as well: artisanal chocolate, local pastries, and perhaps some beer brewed in the area (Sometimes, we all need to enjoy a drink after a long day of work).  

The wellness box.

 For some, self-care is a part of their daily routine.

Which is why we suggest the wellness box, which includes things such as face masks, massage accessories, an under-eye mask, or fresh juice shots to give your immune system a boost…  

The more you help your employees be their best selves, the better they can perform at their brand-new job. Win-win.

The corporate box.

You know what they say, your employees are your first (and best) brand ambassadors.

To integrate them into the team, make sure to welcome them with your company kit. Include branded apparel, such as: a tote bag, a mug, a pen, or a notepad for those (nervous) first day notes.

Personalize these items and presto, you just gave someone the best first day of their life.  

The ‘techie’ box

If your company is full of ‘techies,’ you can always create a gift-box with the perfect assortment of tech accessories for them: whether it be for their car, their office, or things such as speakers, a helmet, or a phone charger…

Receiving branded electronic gadgets is always super refreshing! 

The decor box.

Who doesn’t like to receive accessories to liven up their (home) workspace?

Whether it’s a candle to brighten up their area, or coasters to place their personalized, insulated mug on, your newest employee is bound to appreciate a new item to decorate their desk (or even their living room, if they really love it).   
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