3 tips for implementing sustainability in your company.

Sustainability: You’ve heard the word a million times. There’s a pretty important reason for that. We give you the run down.

Remote work, more than the cozy option.

Since COVID-19, the way we work has drastically changed, mainly giving rise to remote work. Tele-working is the perfect sustainable alternative because it allows employees to avoid using their cars to drive to work– inherently reducing CO2 emissions.  

Offering remote or hybrid work also has a direct impact on the company’s carbon footprint: less employees in the office means less lighting and heating needed in the workspace, which obviously means less energy being used on company premises.  

It’s all about finding the perfect balance between work-from-home and days at the office. Help your staff find their productive flow in both spaces by providing them with sustainable, ‘nomad’ set ups: a backpack made from recycled polyester, a bamboo laptop stand, and an insulated to-go mug to stunt their use of single-use plastic. 

(Work-place) habits are key.

Having an eco-friendly office space, with the necessary sustainable facilities does not have to cost a fortune –and can most definitely start with by creating some key habits.    

Our suggestion? Take a hard statement –and stick to it. You can begin small, for example: 
From now on, no single use plastic bottles are allowed.   

 Of course, you should also offer an alternative: gift your employees with personalized, branded, reusable water bottles. Take the Ocean Bottle, for example –a beautiful, eco-conscious bottle, guaranteed to last a decade alongside your staff! 
Don’t forget to set up a water re-filling station, so they know where to refill their brand-new bottles.  
Likewise, you can encourage changes in other habits: Offer re-usable lunch boxes to discourage single-use plastic wrappers (and say goodbye to soggy lunch sandwiches. Forever).  

Beware of green-washing.

Becoming an ecologically responsible company might be risky if you pretend to be greener than you are. This is often referred to as ‘greenwashing’.  

If you really want to begin your journey towards sustainability, think about concrete actions –not about the image you want to show to the outside world. Start with a few small actions (If you don’t know where to begin, check out the United Nation’s 17 Sustainable Goals, and get inspired).
Remember: There’s always something you can do to become greener, no matter how ‘small’ of a habit it may seem.  

For example, we collaborate and distribute products by eco-conscious companies, such as Ocean Bottle, Gift for Change, of Waste to Wear –to help us (and others) make their sustainable transition as seamless as possible.  

 If you’re ready to go green, it’s time to stop procrastinating. Kick And Rush offers the perfect, end-to-end sustainable solution to your branded merchandising needs –we’re ready to help you begin your sustainable journey.  

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