Top 3 tips to keep your staff happy.

Happy employees, happy business: If you want to go the extra mile to show your staff how much you care, keep reading for some quick pointers.

Listen, listen, listen.

You can never know what’s going on in your staff’s minds. Perhaps they have doubts, ideas, or opinions that may be useful to know.

This is why you should try to constantly connect with them and hear them out. Our tip? Create an employee satisfaction survey!  

So, what do I ask?   
– You can ask (mostly) anything, such as: 
– How they feel in the company? 
– How are their relations with other colleagues (or with you)? 
– How satisfied they are with their workload? 
– What do they think of their schedule? 

To make them feel more at ease, you can always make the quiz anonymous
Of course, connecting with your employees can also happen in a more organic way. Organize an apero night where you can share some locally brewed beers. Sound like a plan? We can make it happen.   

“Generous” is your second name.

Truly love your workers? Let them know. And in this case, actions speak louder than words: A chocolate box for Christmas or a lovely, embossed notebook is always a welcomed gift, no matter who you are.  
Also, it’s always a great idea to welcome a new employee with a customized box of goodies. Why? To warmly welcome them to the team and (of course) to give a first good impression. For example, you can design a box including goodies they might need for work, including things such as a water bottle, a notebook, or some snacks.  

Finally, don’t forget, a personal card goes a long way! 

Activities are key.

Organize activities! Either on your own or designate a ‘social committee’ to plan out special team activities. Whether it’s a hearty breakfast on a Monday morning, or a happy hour on a Friday afternoon to celebrate the end of the week, designated bonding time allows for the perfect opportunities to connect with your team.   

Teambuilding events can also be spontaneous. Suggest a weekly team lunch, or a 6 A.M. yoga lesson. Whatever your idea, we can provide some sleek gear to help show your appreciation to your valued hires.  

Did we give you some ideas? Looking for branded merchandise to gift to your employees?

At K&R, we customize your products on demand –so you can show your workers just how important they are to you.  

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