Making your office more fun: Our top tips.

Who said that working in an office had to be boring? A way to improve your employees’ productivity is to make their workplace enjoyable (and even fun!). Keep reading for some ideas on how to improve your office, without necessarily having to install a ping-pong table.

Create team games.

Everyone loves a good game, so you might want to think about some team games to incorporate into your routine.

This is also a good way to mix departments, where teams can get to know each other better. If you’re all in, you can arrange said game once a month and make it a tradition.  
Or if you’re looking for something more frequent, think about lunch break; A simple deck of cards or traditional board games can get your employees to take full advantage of their lunch break to be more productive for the rest of the day.  

(Professional) speed dating.

In general, when new employee arrives, it’s rare that an event is organized for the occasion. And yet, it is important that a new hire feels welcomed and has time to meet the whole team.

Speed dating” is the best way to chat with everyone: while it’s a pretty classic method, you can modernize it in your own way. For example, turn it into a treasure hunt and bring the newcomer from office to office to meet each person on the team.

Be creative with it, and most importantly, have fun!  

A good meal can’t miss.

You can’t go wrong with some good food. You can provide breakfast, lunch or even an aperitif, bringing some life to the office.

For example, you can: Hire a food truck to come to the office or choose a culinary theme once a week and invite your employees to cook for their peers.  

Bonus: If you’ve got the budget.

Well, we had to talk about the ping pong table for this blog post.

So of course, if you have the budget, you should, by all means, invest it in making your office super cool.

Whether it’s a ping pong table, a dart board, or a pool table, the possibilities are endless! Can also have removable ping pong table or the big ones – we can provide on the go.

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