Brand Spotlight: The Ocean Bottle

Ocean Bottle has made it their mission to collect plastic from our oceans and turn it into the ultimate, long-lasting product. The result? A sleek, durable and reusable bottle –meant to stand the test of time. Keep reading to find out why Ocean Bottle is a brand that is close to our hearts.

An unwavering commitment.

No oceans, no life: we have a duty to protect them. Ocean Bottle’s mission is to finance the ethical collection of ocean-bound plastic by selling beautiful, reusable and durable bottles.

In fact, each bottle purchased makes it possible to finance the collection of about 1,000 plastic bottles from our oceans.  

A bottle with a (social) mission.

Ocean Bottle actively supports the marginalized populations most affected by environmental problems.

To do this, the brand ensures that the workers in charge of collecting the plastic are paid as well or even better than the average plastic collector.

The Ocean Bottle brand is truly committed to fighting social and environmental inequalities –they stand strong for their values –something we seek in our partnerships.  

An ethical production chain.

No manufacturer can now ignore the harmful impacts that their production lines can have on the environment.

Ocean Bottle is committed to doing its best to close the loop in its supply chain: conceptualizing sustainable, recyclable, and repairable products to reduce waste.  

A design we can’t get enough of.

Ocean Bottle never fails to offer us a sleek and elegant bottle design, with a multiple choice of colours for the most varied of tastes.  

In summary, Ocean Bottle has:  
– Collected 5,732,109 Kgs of plastic since 2018. 
– Collected 8 types of plastic from our oceans. 
– Supported and assisted over 5,700 families. 
– Provided 372 communities with employment & a stable managerial structure.  
Want to support an important cause?

Ocean Bottle is the perfect item to help you and your fans put a stop to ocean pollution. Let’s chat make it happen –one bottle at a time.  

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