Stand out with your end-of-the year gift.

No one said choosing end-of-the-year gifts was easy. Admit it, we all leave end-of-the-year gifts for the last minute. We’re here to remind you to get ready ASAP!

Early bird… Gets the best EOY gift.

We all know that going about it at the last minute is never a good idea. You should be planning and ordering your end-of-the-year gift at least 3 months in advance –that way you can get your hands on the coolest products.

So, write it down on your calendar, put a post-it note on your desktop, or a reminder on your phone.

Doing this earlier also means taking the time to choose your gifts thoughtfully (and not in a rush due to time constraints). 

Choose your recipients wisely.

Do you plan on offering gifts to your customers, or perhaps to your valued employees? Or both? In this case it is important to know your field of action.

The goal is not to offer anything to anyone, but rather choose what you’re giving to whom, and do it with intent.  

You see, intent will vary depending on the recipient. If the gifts are for customers, you’re going to want the gift to be something they use on the daily –so they always have your logo on hand.

Conversely, if the gift is for your employees, you instead want to offer moments of wellness, so they feel appreciated for their hard work. 
Once you’ve decided on the recipients of your gifts, it’s time to choose the present.  

Any idea regarding the budget?

This is crucial: define your budget (And quantity), ASAP. This will help you narrow down your options and calculate your costs in terms of product customization and delivery.

The best is to define an average budget per person, because then, you will be able to define it according to your recipient.

What about personalization?

Once you’ve chosen your gifts, you might as well add a finishing touch and personalize them.

Whether it be your embossed logo, the engraved name of your recipient, or a printed drawing of your choice, personalization is always the cherry on top of the perfect present. 

We’ll leave you with our final reminder: If you want to truly ‘wow’ your employees, don’t leave your end-of-the-year gift for the last minute.

A little secret? If you’re getting your gifts at the last minute, you’re only going to get the items that are in stock –aka, the not-so-special gifts!  
Get in touch with us today, and we’ll make it happen, so your staff has the most thoughtful gift of all!  

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