Octopus plushies for Avène

If you’ve ever walked into a pharmacy, you’ve most definitely seen products by the brand Avene, as they are (and have been) a household staple for those of us with particularly sensitive skin.

Education with a twist.

You might also recognize Avène from their variety of sun protection products –branded white and orange, they are hard to miss in your medicine cabinet (and beach bag).

Certainly, it came as no surprise when Pierre Fabre, Avène’s parent company, asked us to create an eye-catching, educational gift to increase the sales of sunscreen products. 

Their aim? To educate the most carefree members of the household when it came to sun safety: children!  

The viral reversible octopus.

Little ones (and often, grown-ups too), are always in when it comes to the softness of a new cuddly best friend.

It is here where Kick And Rush proposed the viral, reversible plush octopus as a gift-with-purchase –with an educational twist

We proposed that on each tentacle, the Octopus plush have an embroidered, informative pictogram with a way to promote sun health. From then on, from design to delivery, Kick And Rush took care of the entire production process. 

Win-win for all!

To say the adorable octopus plushies were a success is an understatement. The cuddly critters were extremely eyecatching, and, in conveying the message of the importance of sunscreen, generated extra interest in their sun products.
What’s more? Children wanted to collect the three different plush toys made by Kick And Rush, which of course boosted Avène’s sales. Double win-win.  
The product wouldn’t be a hit without a sweet bonus: Pharmacies began having competitions to have the best product set up, and competed for the giant octopus as a POS.  

Who knew sun-care education could be so fun (and cute)? Kick And Rush helped Avène reach their target audience, children, with flying colours, all the while maintaining their main goal in sight: educating the littlest ones!  

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