Good Morning boxes for AXA

‘A good day starts with a good breakfast…’. And since we took that literally, we got down to business: We created and developed the ‘Good Morning Box’.

The key to bonding?

Building a team and keeping morale high can be tricky. Especially if there are thousands of employees. But as an employer it’s your duty to keep your workers aware of how much you appreciate them, all the while keeping them engaged in their positions. This is exactly what AXA wanted to do during their team building and training week

AXA is a multinational conglomerate that oversees a variety of corporate businesses. From insurance to banking, you’ve most likely seen an AXA branch if you’ve walked around town in Paris or Brussels.

In order to train their employees over the course of five days, in over 1,800 AXA branches, AXA wanted to not only connect with their personnel, but have them share and connect with each other. 

Now, the logistics of training 1,900 branches aren’t exactly clear cut –but AXA made it so all their staff had to do was watch informative video clips every day that week, together with their local co-workers.  

A great meal for a great day.

Obviously, AXA handled that part (we’re no banking/insurance experts, after all).  
Instead, Kick And Rush handled the (dare we say), ‘fun’ part of the team-building week –where employees get the chance to bond with each other.  

 ‘A good day starts with a good breakfast…’. And since we took that literally, we got down to business: Kick And Rush created and developed the ‘Good Morning Box’.

The ‘Good Morning Box’ consists of 5 smaller boxes (one for each day of the week), each with locally sourced breakfast items. Got a sweet tooth? The box had waffles. Not a coffee person? The box had tea. There was a thing for everyone, so workers had no excuse to share their breakfast with colleagues as they watched the training video of the day.  

To end things with a bang, on the last day of training, all the branches had a joint call, and thus truly sharing their first meal of the day as a company

The ‘Good Morning Box’ was a seriously unique promotional product. But just as innovation and a touch of humaneness does, the boxes were a hit among AXA personnel.

Essentially, the ‘Good Morning Boxes’ helped meet AXA’s ultimate goal, to bring their valued staff members together as they further learned about the company.