Toasters for Delhaize

The Belgian supermarket chain wanted offer their workers a durable, present that they could enjoy on the daily basis.

Unique & handy? We got it.

Gifts from your employer are always pleasant (and much welcomed) tokens of appreciation.

While a regular employer might get their employees a fruit basket or a bottle of wine, others may want to truly stand out in their end-of-the-year gifts.

This is exactly what the Belgian supermarket chain Delhaize wanted to do: offer their workers a durable, present that they could enjoy on the daily basis.  

Not only did Delhaize wish to show their deep appreciation and commitment to their personnel, but they also wanted to showcase their creative and dynamic image. In short, the gift had to be original, but also useful.  

An original gift for an original brand.

Among the various products proposed by Kick And Rush, Delhaize selected a toaster that brands the Delhaize logo directly on the toasted bread. Neat, right?

All Delhaize had to do was say the word: Kick And Rush proceeded to design and produce over 12,000 toasters in Delhaize’s brand colours, along with personalized packaging and a greeting card to accompany each toaster.  

When we say we took care of everything, we mean everything, including the very important electronic and safety testing of each toaster.   

The outcome? Very happy employees! The toaster was extremely well received, not only due to its usefulness, but also because of its originality.

Et voila, reflecting Delhaize’s key values of well-being at home and quality cooking.  

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