Squeezers for Florette

Florette asked us to create a special gift-with-purchase to keep consumers reaching for their daily dose of greens.

Salad concept?

Who hasn’t tried to eat healthier? Or devise healthy meal plans full of leafy greens and vitaminrich veggies?

If you’ve reached for a salad in a Belgian or French supermarket, you’ve most likely interacted with the brand Florette, a French company that specializes in the manufacturing of salads and fresh produce.  

And like everything that is sold and paid for, there are months when even salads need an extra boost.

Florette reached out to Kick And Rush to create a special gift-with-purchase promotion to keep consumers reaching for their daily dose of greens in the supermarket.  

The perfect salad accessory.

What pairs best with a bowl of fresh produce? A flavourful vinaigrette, that is! However, these delicious seasonings can be tough to carry without spillage (If you’ve ever tried to bring a salad to work, or school, you know what we’re talking about), which then inspired the ultimate salad-related goodie: an eco-friendly squeezer to carry your salad dressing on the go.  

The Kick And Rush team got to work: from design to production and beyond, and even included the creation and printing of user manuals to go with each useful squeezer.  

The Florette squeezer was –you guessed it—a huge success. With over 12,000 squeezers distributed, people liked getting a gift to facilitate the consumption of their salads on the go.

In fact, the squeezer was such a hit that Carrefour has even had to keep extra stocks of salad as they were quickly selling out!  

The bottom line is: whatever your brand challenge, Kick And Rush can take it.

Whether it’s to boost sales of leafy greens, or to innovate the latest dressing utensil, you are guaranteed the most appropriate product for your brand desires!  

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