Cooler bags for Leonidas

Leonidas, a Belgian ‘giant’ in the business of chocolate, requested that we help them create a gift-with-purchase to boost sales of chocolate during the summer.

Quality merch for quality pralines.

If you know anything about Belgium, you’ve got to know that we’re proud of our pralines, or chocolates. With a rich history of dessert artistry and an array of ‘bonbons’ in all sorts of flavours, it is no wonder that the chocolate treats are popular worldwide.  

Leonidas represents one of the Belgian ‘giants’ in the business of chocolates –and they were requesting, for the third year in a row, that we at Kick And Rush help them create a gift-with-purchase to boost the sales of chocolate during the summer. 

It’s not that some chocolate lovers are more seasonal (Respect if you are!), it’s just that the heat of the sun and velvety chocolates don’t exactly mix well. Unfortunate? Yes. Could we at Kick And Rush help? Absolutely

Keep it cool. Always.

What challenged Leonidas was a motivator for us: Our clever design team came up with sleek cooler bags to keep the treats at perfect temperature on the hottest of beach days.  

The cooler bags were, of course, reusable, but most importantly, were made from sustainable materials: the inside of the bag was made of high-density polyethylene (fancy name for recycled plastic) and the outside of recycled cotton
Once Leonidas approved the clever cooler bag, we took care of the rest: from design to production, to the extensive laboratory tests ran in Belgium and France –quality is no joke to us. All 35,000 cooler bags were subjected to strict quality controls in order to keep the creamy desserts at the right temperature.  

Whatever your brand’s challenge, Kick And Rush has a solution. Leonidas has since maintained a partnership with Kick And Rush, having produced the cooler bags for three years in a row –every year bettering the design with the latest, most innovative eco-friendly trends.  

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