Lunch boxes for L’Oréal

You’ve probably got a L’Oréal product laying around in your bathroom at this very moment (We owe you a coffee if you don’t).

The gift of connection.

As a world leader in cosmetics, L’Oréal needs to constantly connect with their loyal customers –especially during heavy spending periods, such as the back-to-school-season. 

Connecting through gifts –that’s the goal. Which is why L’Oréal organizes attractive promotions to boost sales and increase consumer interest through the store Kruidvat.

For this collaboration with Kick And Rush, L’Oréal wanted to provide their fans with a useful, sustainable gift.

Something that would keep their shoppers reaching for the item day in, day out

Sustainable & useful throughout the year.

Whether you’re in corporate or in elementary school, a lunch box is always welcome. L’Oréal wanted to mark the beginning of the school year with a special promotion –which is why they called on Kick And Rush to design, produce and deliver a useful and eco-friendly gift: and original, metal lunchbox with an array of colourful designs.  

Sustainable, inside and outside. In order to stay in line with the eco-friendly design of the product, Kick And Rush also designed and produced an original, sustainable cover made of natural paper and FSC cardboard.  

Double win-win –The promotion appealed to parents because they wouldn’t have to get their kids a new lunchbox, which in turn boosted sales for L’Oréal.  

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