Deck chairs for Moët

Moët asked us to produce items to increase visibility –without compromising on the quality of their luxurious parent company, LVMH.

Iconic merch for an iconic brand.

She keeps her Moët & Chandon in her pretty cabinet…”. If rock legend Freddy Mercury himself mentions it in a song (Killer Queen, if you didn’t know), you know your brand has reached icon status. And lucky for us, Moët is a long-standing client of Kick And Rush.  

Moët’s parent company, LVMH, takes ownership of the design of the brand.

Our job? To respect, represent and reproduce those strict brand guidelines in the promotional items we make for Moët.  

Luxury brand? Luxury merch.

Moët asked that Kick And Rush produce items to increase visibility of the brand in specific events –without compromising on the quality of their luxurious parent company.

The end result was the creation of an on-request high quality ‘bar, beachwear and decor’ collection.  

In each step of the way, from design, to production, to delivery, Kick And Rush ensured that Moët’s promotional products are up to par with their and LVMH’s quality and luxury standards.

All the while ensuring Moët’s presence in the most prestigious events of the year.  

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