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Full of character. Both in taste and branding.

Belgium and beer, please name a more iconic duo. In addition to the well-known international powerhouses, there are also many local brands that have been making a name for themselves. The authentic beer brand Hapkin from Alken-Maes (Maes Pils, Cristal, etc.) is one of them.

Through a unique and original design we found the connection with their main target group.

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Recipe for success

Their characteristic blond beer is the perfect example of how excellence in taste and exceptional branding can be a recipe for success. Hapkin is known for its authenticity and robustness. Hapkin proves, with its distinctive brand identity, that a beer brand is more than just a name on a drink. In the world of Hapkin, authenticity is not just a buzzword, but a key ingredient for both taste and target audience.

Hapkin’s goals for the relaunch were clear. Bars are not just meeting places, but also places of discovery where you are occasionally tempted to taste a new beer. Together with Hapkin, we created a unique and attractive line of promotional material for the hospitality industry.

Through a unique and original design, we sought and found the connection with their main target group: (manly) men.

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