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Merch feat. swag

There are few radio stations that have a status like Belgian alternative station StuBru. Ever since 1989, StuBru has struck a chord with its listeners, or better put: groupies. Throughout the years, StuBru managed to build a community of "die hard" fans that has no equal in Belgium.

But in 2019, it was time for something new. Like many artists or bands, sometimes it is necessary to reinvent yourself. And that is where we came in. With a complete rebranding, StuBru once again positioned itself as the ultimate music station for music lovers. Challenging, full of energy and a tad rebellious.

Choosing an item is one thing, but the execution determines whether your merchandise campaign is truly effective.

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The item fans love

Merchandise is only truly effective when many people see and use it. Clothing and accessories are therefore ideal for promoting your brand. Fans love to show off their love brand. In the search for the perfect item for StuBru, one item stood out that made fans and festival-goers very happy: a good old tote bag! It seems like a simple accessory, but a poor choice of materials and execution often causes this item to end up in the trash after being used only a few times. A shame!

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So we went back to the drawing board. The result? A quirky tote bag 2.0 that many StuBru fans can proudly wear out and about, in the street and at festivals. The combination of durable and sturdy material, a handy zipper and an edgy finish led to a real rush on the StuBru webshop. Mission accomplished.

In short, choosing an item is one thing, but the execution determines whether your merchandise campaign is truly effective and genuinely appreciated by your brand ambassadors.

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