Boîtes d'apéritif pour Fintro

Fintro était à la recherche d'un cadeau de fin d'année original et festif pour gâter son personnel dans un délai très court.

The gift of a special moment.

You don’t want to be caught emptyhanded in the Christmas season. Especially if it regards the end-of-the-year gift for your hard-working personnel. How else will they know how much you truly appreciate them? 

Fintro, an insurance company under the BNP Paribas Fortis division, almost found themselves in a similar predicament. Of course, it was due to (very relatable) reasons outside of their control –The Omicron wave of the COVID-19 virus in December 2021. 

Fintro was looking for an original, festive, end-of-the-year gift to spoil their staff on a very short notice.

Their goal? To allow their team-members to share a special moment “together” despite the COVID-19 restrictions.

EOY gifts in the snap of a finger.

Happy hour is the best hour. So why not bring it to the comfort of each employees’ home? With that in mind, Kick And Rush proposed the ‘Happy Hour Box’, a box full of locally sourced snacks and drinks.

The boxes had all the aperitif essentials: beers, bottles of bubbly, or tapenade, the boxes left nothing to be desired!  

Supporting local business is supporting your own, so Fintro insisted that all boxes truly were locally sourced –Kick And Rush created a variety of 10 different Happy Hour Boxes according to the region which each staff member resided at.  

We’re quick on our feet. When Fintro approached us with their lastminute request, Kick And Rush was the only company able to meet their demand –All while respecting their wishes to keep products locally sourced and of the highest quality. 
And just like that, Kick And Rush was able to help Fintro provide their valued workers with (online) priceless moments, and a delightful array of happy hour snacks! 

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