What is merchandising

“Desirable products branded with a logo or slogan & distributed to promote and/or empower a brand, corporate identity, or special occasion.”

What we do:

We create desirable, on trend, branded
merchandise to achieve real brand emotions. Basically, in a world of temporary pleasures, we seek long lasting impressions.​

Local quality with a global footprint. We help you bring your brand to life through creativity & innovation. Always sourcing the most eco-conscious vendors for your item, we’re there to help every step of the way. 

Why merchandise?

The numbers don’t lie: 88% of people remember a brand when they receive a promotional item. Especially if that item is something they’ve always wanted (or needed). An added bonus: They’ll always remember how they felt in that moment, too.

The best part? Promotional merch is the most high-impactcost-effective advertising medium around for your clients.​


Brand awareness

Merchandise invites consumers to your brand’s universe like no other. Swag also helps you gain your rightful spot in people’s lives –even unconsciously. No other brand can take that away from you.

Infinite touch-points

Exposure is a rare commodity, especially in a world where people are constantly bombarded by short-term, digital impressions. Merchandise, on the other hand, will generate long-lasting, continuous brand moments.


Favourite status: swag can help you achieve it. Your fans will remember how your merch made them feel. Stay present in their lives through valuable items –so they can give back that deserved brand love.

Brand equity

Branded merch promotes those desired feelings of trust in your loyal fanbase. When a product’s quality is on the same level (or higher) as the main brand, it can significantly uplift your brand equity.

The power of merch.

Promotional products have the highest advertising recall, surpassing print, TV, & online advertising.


 Of customers can recall the advertiser’s brand of a promotional item. Only 7% of consumers can remember the name of a TV advertiser.


Of people have a more favourable impression of an advertiser after receiving a promotional product.


Of clients are willing to repeat purchase with the advertiser after receiving a promotional gift.


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