At Kick And Rush, we create desirable, on trend, branded merchandise to achieve real brand emotions. 


Why Kick And Rush?

There are a few givens with us: Innovation, sustainability, and creativity. We like to think of ourselves as disruptors of the world of merchandise –and with good reason. ​

Our end-to-end solution guarantees that your brand ‘baby‘ is in the right hands –from conceptual design to production, online platforms (web-shops) & shipment, we’ve absolutely got you covered.  

We are constantly working to bring you the latest merchandising trends, all the while striving for sustainability and innovation in all levels of the supply process.

What matters to us:

Our key pillars

Qualityproducts, and people: those are our key pillars. If done correctly, merch is much more than just goodies. Our commitment to high quality items ensures that they stand the test of time, all the while remaining environmentally conscious

Our devotion to innovation also guarantees that you get the right product for your brand strategy –whatever that may be. Finally, we are proud of our diverse team, bringing together a variety of skill sets & backgrounds to ensure the most human approach possible. 

Prominate Group

As founding members of the Prominate Group, we can provide you with the global tools for your local service. We’re equipped to contribute an array of solutions for your merchandising program swiftly –wherever you are.  
Benefits to our central approach include:  

– Brand uniformity 
– Centralized (and simplified) production & logistics 
– Quick implementation of your branded merch 

A global (or ‘Glocal’) solution helps us provide you with cost-saving opportunities locally, regionally, and globally –all the while ensuring a sustainable and safe supply chain. Read more about the Prominate group here.

Our standards:

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We’re always looking for new talent.

We are always on the lookout for new talent to reinforce our team. We don’t only make products bloom, but also people.

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