Our standards

Sustainability is present throughout our entire supply chain. From sourcing, to how we deliver your items and everything in between.

Going green is the bottom line.

For Kick And Rush, sustainability is a social norm. At the heart of our commitment to eco-consciousness are four key ideals:
1.The use of sustainable materials
2.Ethical supply chains
3.Creating items designed to withstand the test of time
4.Offering carbon neutral products & compensation programs

Sustainable products. Transparent practices. Read about our standards, partners and initiatives here. 

Want to know more?

We strive for transparency in our sustainable vision. Which is why you can access our environmental declaration and our sustainable manifesto below.

A real sustainable supply chain.

Sustainable from sourcing right up to your door step.

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Raw materials

Materials must come from somewhere. At Kick And Rush, we aim that our products are made from recycled or recyclable materials –and that’s an important point for us.

If a certain item needs raw materials, we take it upon ourselves to ensure that these virgin materials were obtained ethically & sustainably. Our purpose it to create a flow of circular materials.

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Sustainable suppliers

We carefully select suppliers that are committed to the environment. All our suppliers are also required to sign our ethical charter; and if preferred, they can incorporate your brand’s charter too.

We are constantly evaluating our suppliers, not only on their quality, but on their social environmental impacts. They must provide up-to-standard, ethical working conditions, & respectable living wages. 

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Higher quality products usually ensure their long lifecycle –which is the best solution in the long run. ​

We strive for carbon neutral items. If this is not possible, we compensate those CO2 emissions with carbon reduction initiatives.

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Our warehouse is continuously evaluated & updated to be the most sustainable it can be. We have also integrated charging stations to facilitate the charging of electric cars. ​

Additionally, our Kickers have transitioned to sustainable packaging, utilizing alternatives such as recyclable paper tape, and re-using shredded carton to stuff & secure packages. 

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Transport & Delivery

Every mile counts
. Kick And Rush is in the process of implementing more eco-friendly methods of delivering your packages. Whether it be through using electric delivery trucks for short distance delivery, or by using train travel instead of planes to deliver large orders.

What really matters

Our sustainability score

To help our clients understand the quality & sustainable nature of a product, we have designed a five-level scoring system that calculates its sustainability value

The criteria that we’ve chosen to measure the impact an item has on the environment are categorised below:

Raw materialsAre the materials recycled, circular or ethically sourced?

Sustainable standardsDid the manufacturing of this
piece meet the standards?

PackagingHow is the product packed? With recyclable material? Or in bulk?

Ethical productionDoes the production follow our ethical standards?

Ocean Bottle

We can’t stop raving about this bottle. And with good reason: they truly represent our love for our planet. Sea for yourself!

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