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Find all about our online platform solution here. From pricing to security, we give you the run down.

A profit generating tool:

Why a web-shop?

Let’s put it like this: by choosing a web-shop that reaches your fans, you’re investing in a potential profit generating tool.

Web-shops give your merch the spotlight they need. Think of it as your consumers’ one-stop-shop to find their favourite brand’s goodies.

A web-shop is also a living extension of your brand. At Kick And Rush, we can provide an online platform that honours and uplifts your swag just as much as your brand guidelines.

We can also take it slow: ask us about our free web-shop options.

Reporting & after-sales

Your merch, your stats. Our web-shop services provide your brand with an online platform where you can track live key numbers on visitors, sales and stock levels.

In need of the stock level of a certain promotional material? Our reporting dashboards can help you know exact stock numbers & rotations –so your marketing team has the essential information at their fingertips.

Do you, your team, or a web-shop client need additional info on a shipment, payment, etc.? Our after-sales department is at your disposal via chat, mail or call.

Web-security & GDPR

Your web-shop is guaranteed the utmost digital security in compliance with the ISO27001 and GDPR safety standards.

Digital security based on the ISO27001 standard include:
•Access management & procedure 
•Application & interface security
•Audit assurance & compliance
•Business continuity (back-up & incidence recovery)
•Data security & lifecycle management
•Datacentre security & encryption 
•Governance & risk management 

Digital security compliant with the GDPR standard include:
•Privacy & cookies policy
•General terms & conditions
•Cookies module
•Marketing consent
•Advanced data security 

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We offer three different tiers of web-shop services, all of which can be adjusted to your brand’s very own needs & demands.

1. Pro
2. Pro+
3. Custom

Every web-shop is its own world. If you’re unsure of which tier is best for your swag, or simply want to know more about our web-shop services, let’s get in touch!

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