Why choose merchandise?



2 Why Merch HQ

1. Money, time or commitment. You win with merchandise.

Whether you want to get more out of your marketing budget, increase your employees’ involvement or boost your sales, you score with merchandising. The fact that people like to receive gifts is not rocket science. Figures don't lie: 88% of people remember a brand when they receive a promotional item. We enjoy finding merchandise that fits the specifics of your target group.

1 Why Merch HQ

2. Customers are silver. Brand ambassadors are gold.

Strong brands know that brand ambassadorship is 'the real deal'. Not only do brand ambassadors provide word-of-mouth advertising, they also boost your turnover. Brand ambassadorship is not something you just get. Only companies that pay attention to every small detail know how to attract a loyal 'fan base'. With the right merchandise you provide your followers with the tools to spread your brand.

3. In a digital universe you make the difference through physical brand experiences.

Small screens, large screens. Nowadays we consume content in a completely different way. With physical brand experiences and strong merchandising, you can make your brand truly impactful. What's more, they are the perfect way to complete your digital strategy.

4 Why Merch HQ

Random products with a random logo? Mmm...no thanks!

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4. Get more out of your advertising budget.

Through advertising on TV, print, radio or online you might get inside your target group’s head. But, with the right merchandise you will get into their lives. The numbers don't lie. Brand recognition from promotional items is twice as high as through television advertising. With a bold merchandising strategy you reach your target group for less money.

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5. Your target audience, that's were it starts.

Can we put your logo on a product? Sure! But we are more interested in what impact your brand really wants to have. You create brand ambassadors by putting yourself in the shoes of your target audience and focusing on your goals. Only then we will be able to find the perfect merchandising that suits your goals.

6. A merchandise platform for your brand, festival, event or label.

Arranging your merchandising centrally via your own web shop offers many advantages:

  • Guarding your brand image
  • Complete service. From ordering and delivery to invoicing and customer service.
  • Useful reports
  • Measuring customer satisfaction

We have everything you need to fully set up your merchandise web shop. Let us relieve you of all your worries from design, production, shipping to customer service. We ensure that your merchandise reaches your brand ambassadors in no time.

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7. Turn your employees into ambassadors.

Never forget: your employees are part of your brand experience. Offering quality merchandise to the right people, is the way to success. Showing your appreciation will of course benefit motivation. But your visibility will also get an enormous boost.

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