Our merchandise solution

From conception to final delivery, our branded merchandise service is tailored to your needs. 

Let branded merchandise tell the story of your brand. 

Beyond products, we craft experiences. For nearly 30 years, our branded merchandise services have helped create memorable brand moments.

Our merchandise services include:

  • Custom-made products
  • Co-branded retail items
  • Internal & client gifting
  • Ethical & sustainable sourcing
  • PR packages
  • Brand monitoring across your organization
We manage these projects (and more) from A-Z.
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Build lasting connections with branded merchandise. 

Brand moments create genuine connections with your audience. Here's how branded merchandise can foster loyalty and brand affinity:
  • Increase your brand visibility
  • Reward your top clients
  • Pursue and convert leads
  • Engage with your remote (and in-person) employees
  • Generate buzz for upcoming events and product launches

Explore how we can hyper-personalise your branded merchandise experience below.

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A streamlined merchandise solution for your brand. 

From full-service orders, to one-shots, we have a service for every brand need. 

Our services:

  • Creation: We can conceptualise and design unique branded items. 
  • Sourcing from stock: We source the perfect item for your brand. 
  • Packaging, distribution and shipping: We take care of the logistics.
  • E-commerce: We help you set up your merch web-shop.

Still need more? Check out our distribution platforms.

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Made with Kick And Rush

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