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We create brand ambassadorsthrough kick ass merchandise

Why choose merchandising?
What we do:
What we do:
Crystal Vertical

Money, time or commitment. Merchandise boosts your campaigns.

People love to receive gifts. That much is sure. The research is clear: 88% of people remember a brand when they receive a promotional item.

Lighthouse Vertical

Customers are silver.
Brand ambassadors are gold.

With the right merchandise you will provide your followers with the tools to become brand ambassadors.

Marketing Budget Vertical

Get more out of your
marketing budget.

Through advertising on TV, print, radio or online you might get inside your target group’s head. But, with the right merchandise you will get into their lives.

Design Delivery Mugs

From design to delivery and everything in between. We got it!

We are aiming for nothing less than full-service.

  • Design
  • Packaging
  • Delivery
  • Warehousing

Can we
take care
of your
brand baby?

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