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KICK AND RUSH and VAN BAVEL Merger Propels 30 Million Euro Sales, Revolutionising the Promotional Products Industry

As of May 21st, Kick And Rush has joined forces with VAN BAVEL – Enjoy Giving to form the KICK AND RUSH GROUP. This strategic merger propels the Belgian group to become a major player in Western Europe.

Currently, brands realize that object marketing is, next to digital, a key component in a modern marketing mix. Branded merchandise is highly cost efficient per impression, provided it is designed and sourced in a durable way, with the right story. The newly formed KICK AND RUSH GROUP aims to create these authentic connections between brands, companies, and people by offering streamlined solutions with a human touch.

Why does any of this matter?

Consider the last branded gift you received. Was it a memorable, high-quality item you still use, or a cheap USB you quickly forgot? The difference between these experiences is crucial: a cherished item keeps a brand alive in your memory, while a forgettable one fades away like a swiped digital ad.

“The right product in the right form, supporting a clear strategy,” says Tom Verhaert, CEO of KICK AND RUSH, “is what will forge an authentic connection between your brand and your audience.”

He’s probably right. Creating the perfect merchandise strategy involves careful attention to factors such as product quality, design, and ethical and sustainable sourcing. Brands simply can’t afford to put out bad merch: Rather, they strive to integrate seamlessly into their consumers' daily lives, engaging their senses in long-lasting meaningful ways.

VAN BAVEL – Enjoy Giving boasts an excellent reputation in the branded merchandise sector, collaborating with renowned brands such as Chiquita, Barry Callebaut, Volkswagen (D'Ieteren), and Makita. Their expertise is a perfect match for KICK AND RUSH's extensive client list, which includes Toyota, Veolia, Dassault, Daikin, Komatsu, and many others.

While VAN BAVEL – Enjoy Giving has significant experience in drop-shipments and managing standalone creative projects, KICK AND RUSH excels in their approach to comprehensive global and local merchandise programs. They specialize in creation, fully integrated digital solutions, web-shops, and warehousing, all while ensuring total transparency and peace of mind for their clients.

Expertise and transparency on ESG are essential qualities that the new KICK AND RUSH GROUP, now strengthened by VAN BAVEL – Enjoy Giving, bring to the table. With over 50 years of experience, the company acknowledges that now more than ever, advice is of the essence.

About the merger:

With this merge, the Kick And Rush Group generates a combined turnover of €30 million. 

Kick And Rush CEO Tom Verhaert commented, "Our customers demand authentic visibility and reliability. Therefore, merging the expertise and technology of both companies into a single, strong team was an obvious decision. We already export to over 90 countries, so this merger bolsters us to meet the needs of Western European organizations. Clients will also benefit from this merger as it combines the best of both worlds, offering even more experience, creativity, and capability at both local and global levels.

Van Bavel CEO Michel Van Bavel added, "Joining forces with KICK AND RUSH enables us to take our more than 70 years of experience and expertise to the next level. Our flair for creative proposals, our skill in sourcing the right object, and our sense for customer care now get complemented with a solid technical and organizational framework. Additionally, with the inclusion of Sustainability experts in our team, we can offer enhanced reporting and compliance support, such as for CSRD.”

Effective immediately, Van Bavel – Enjoy Giving and Kick And Rush will be seamlessly integrated to become the Kick And Rush Group.

Michel Van Bavel, former CEO of Van Bavel - Enjoy Giving, assumes the position of Chief Growth Officer with immediate effect.

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From left to right, Thibaut Fontaine (Chairman of Board of Directors Kick And Rush), Michel Van Bavel (Founder of Van Bavel) and Tom Verhaert (CEO Kick And Rush).
From left to right, Tom (holding a client item for Team Belgium), Michel (holding an Ocean Bottle) and Thibaut (holding a client item for McDonald's).

For further information, please contact:

Stefaan De Leenheer, Marketing Director at Kick And Rush

+32 468 14 58 57

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The Kick And Rush Group In a Nutshell

The Kick And Rush Group offers comprehensive branded merchandise services, from custom merch creation to handling and fulfilment. With advanced operational systems, including e-commerce solutions and a state-of-the-art warehouse, our dedicated team of 89 merchandising experts work hard to deliver authentic connections between brands, companies, and people. 

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Thibaut Fontaine

Chairman and Founder of Kick And Rush

MicrosoftTeams-image (46)

Tom Verhaert

Chief Executive Officer of Kick And Rush

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Michel Van Bavel

Chief Executive Officer of Van Bavel, now Chief Growth Officer of Kick And Rush

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