Our standards

We are committed to upholding sustainability through a social and environmental approach. 

Our commitment to environmental sustainability

Environmental sustainability is a core principle for us. These are some non-exhaustive initiatives we have in place to protect our environment:

  • Using eco-friendly packaging (paper tape, re-using waste boxes as padding, etc.).
  • Embracing the use of sustainable materials in our promotional products.
  • Partnering with logistics forwarders that share our sustainability values. 
  • Ensuring ethical supply chains.
  • Providing accessible carbon neutral products, as well as their off-set programs.
  • Providing an eco-scoring system so our clients can make informed decisions about their products.

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Our standards: 


Our scoring system

To help our clients understand the quality & sustainable nature of a product, we have designed a five-level scoring system that calculates its sustainability value

The criteria that we’ve chosen to measure the impact an item has on the environment are categorised below:

Raw materials

Are the materials recycled, circular or ethically sourced?

Sustainable standards

Did the manufacturing of this
piece meet the standards?


How is the product packed? With recyclable materials? Or in bulk?

Ethical production

Is the production of this item conducted with ethical practices?

Our social commitment

We are committed to be as sustainable as can be in all aspects of our business. Therefore, we are proud of our social sustainability initiatives, such as:

  • Diversity & Inclusion: Diversity drives our company, and is present at all operational levels and departments. 
  • We also promote inclusion by partnering with Axedis (Etablissements et Services d’Aide par le Travail), to provide a safe and welcoming working environment for people with disabilities. 
  • Human first: Our diverse team is dedicated to providing the most client-focused service possible.
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Check out our relevant statements and important documents, such as our Corporate Social Responsibility declaration, and more, below.