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Over the years, Kick And Rush has built a strong foundation with both online and offline platforms, providing a range of options to showcase your products. Select the option that aligns perfectly with your needs and preferences.

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E-commerce solution

Do you have your own product and/or a small business that is ready to soar, but could use a helping hand with the handling? Then our exceptional e-commerce solution is perfect for you. 

  • Access to 5,000 m2 of warehouse space 
  • Stock management
  • Picking & Packing
  • Shipping
  • Track and trace
  • Live reporting 

Want to learn more about our e-commerce solution and the different packages we provide? Let us know!

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Our web-shop services

Our web-shop solution is not only ideal if you're already a Kick And Rush merchandise client.

We now open our platform for you as well . A web-shop is the perfect platform to showcase your brand. Our comprehensive service includes:

  • Hosting & GDPR
  • Compliant with ISO27001 
  • Web-development
  • Stock reporting
  • Financing options
  • Digital marketing service

We currently manage over 55+ web-shops. You're in good hands!
Do not forget, we have also our own Warehouse, so we keep that perfect eye on your goods as well.

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Procurement solution

Looking for assistance with your everyday procurement? We can easily integrate your vendors into our ERP system, in order to simplify your procurement. 

  • 3rd party supplier integration
  • Daily vendor management
  • Office & IT supply needs
  • Flower & decor
  • Stationery

Interested in exploring our procurement solution? Let us know! We can bring down your procurement from 15 suppliers, to 1. 

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