Ocean Bottles for Daikin

In selecting the Ocean Bottle as part of their promotional merch, Daikin was endorsing active change towards sustainability.

Merch that supports your commitment to sustainability.

The summer heat brings with it exciting times: vacation, flavourful iced cocktails, and festival season. But we all always need a little cool (literally and metaphorically) in our lives –which is where Daikin Industries comes in.  

Daikin is a Japanese company that specializes in cooling systems. Despite their focus on electric devices, Daikin is committed to promoting sustainability and wishes to offer eco-responsible merchandising.  

In fact, this is where our long-time partnership with Daikin comes in: since Kick And Rush is devoted to reducing its carbon footprint and, consequently, that of its customers and partners on all levels.  

Bottles that make a difference.

Ecofriendly’ is the Kick And Rush standard. There’s no question about that. But one item that’s proved successful time and time again is the Ocean Bottle. Because while many reusable bottles can simply claim to be sustainable, the Ocean Bottle truly offers a commitment to social and environmental impact.  

The providers of the Ocean Bottle invest in human waste management and sorting in order to prevent plastics from entering our oceans. Not only that, but the provider’s plastic collectors are paid above market rates to develop and work in recycling infrastructures in Indonesia, the Philippines, Brazil, and Haiti.  

In selecting the Ocean Bottle as part of their promotional merch, Daikin was endorsing active change towards sustainability, as for every bottle sold, the Ocean Bottle funds the collection of at least 1,000 plastic bottles.  
The bottom line? Daikin wants to make sure their commitment to sustainability is genuinely making a difference. Choosing not only an eco-friendly item, but one that guarantees social and environmental result was significant to Daikin as a brand.  

And since sustainability is the norm for Kick And Rush, Daikin was guaranteed to deliver a product that was not only eco-conscious, but sleek, and high quality.  

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